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Waste Management Wakefield has always prided itself on its reliance for establishments and businesses in the greater Wakefield and Yorkshire area. On this website you’ll find more information about the plethora of services that we offer, including details about our shredding, biohazard, removal services and even more. However, if you still have any unanswered questions then please feel free to get in contact with our team at 01924 637 211, or mail us at the address listed on our Contact Us page.

s part of our commitment to a Private Service Approach to Trade Waste Management we can save you money. So don’t renew your waste management contract until you talk to us here at Wakefield Waste Management. Wakefield Waste Management can GUARANTEE that you will substantially SAVE on your own contract. If you change to Wakefield Waste Management you’ll make huge savings and it’s easy to change; one of our representatives will visit you, complete the paperwork and can even handle the transfer of your Waste Recycling Solutions on your own behalf.

Never Defeated on Service or Value!

To learn more on Wakefield Waste Management call us now on 01924 637 211.

Wakefield Waste Management takes pride in calling ourselves a completely Zero to Landfill company, but what does this mean? We are committed in ensuring that as much waste as possible is reused, recycled or recovered and guarantee that absolutely not one of the waste we accumulate will stop its life in a landfill site. We have secured deals with various disposal businesses to ensure that we work collectively to use greener, more sustainable choices.

We are consistently searching for the best facilities with the greatest technological edges to work with when disposing the waste we collect to ensure we continue to help our customer’s sustainability. We hand pick the facilities that we dispose our waste at and we like to support wall local communities. Our remaining waste is utilized by a Waste to Energy facility that turns our clients unrecyclable waste into power thatcontributes towards powering 100,000 Yorkshire homes. We also use Anaerobic Digestion (AD) which is a process that uses food waste to produce useful resources that may be utilized for agricultural purposes and assist in powering local communities.

Wakefield Waste Management can deal with all manner of waste, providing containers to suit the customer’s needs. The customer can have different containers to deal with recyclable waste (like paper, cardboard, cans and plastic) and/or throw everything into one container, with bespoke options available for food and glass recycling.

We will gather and take the materials to the appropriate site. WWM can help your organization achieve Zero to Landfill and dramatically lower your carbon footprint. Plus, recycling your waste and separating it into different flows may also save you a whole lot on your own prices.

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